Grundutbildning Volume lashes

If you are trained in single lashes and want to develop as a lash stylist, our basic training in volume lashes is your next step.
A training in volume and underlashes including thermoset training. Look by Linn's basic training in volume is 2 + 1 days. After two days at the school with theory and practice, the student receives a trainee certificate (valid for 1 year) as well as a thermoset diploma (valid for 5 years).


The trainee certificate means that you are a student in training, that you can receive customers and offer student treatments. As long as the student is a trainee, they have private coaching online by their teacher. After passing the practical final exam at school, the student receives an international certificate.
Behörighetskrav: Grundutbildning i singelfransar
Course duration: 3 days 09:00-17:00
Starter kit: The student receives a starter kit and theory booklet (value approx. SEK 3,500)
Course plan: 2 + 1 days
Registration fee: SEK 3,500 incl. VAT (included in the amount). The registration fee is not refunded if the course is cancelled.
Course fee: SEK 9,500 including VAT
The student needs to bring his own model to the course.

After completing and passing the course, the student receives an international certificate and the honor of wearing Look by Linn's gold sign, which shows that the student is a certified lash stylist.
As a student at Look by Linn, you always have a 10% discount in our webshop.

We offer installment payments on our courses with Klarna.

Price incl. VAT